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There are no more available docking spaces left at the Small Ship Port of Dreverna; therefore, another quay will be equipped

The Small Ship Port of Dreverna is sight-after and well-liked. This can be proved by the fact that in 2016 it was visited by 43 thousand visitors; moreover, all 75 docking places at the port have been reserved for the duration of the navigation season until the end of April 2018. One of the factors that will determine the popularity of the Port of Dreverna in the future is the safe entry channel, as well as the consistently maintained waterway Dreverna-Juodkrantė.

The modern Small Ship Port of Dreverna is designed for navigation of small ships and rowing boats. For the convenience of tourists the port is equipped with 75 docking spaces (260 m in length) has a boatyard (156.50 sq. m), a hoist with 6 t lifting capacity, a slipway, a parking lot equipped with 20 parking spaces, as well as water and electricity columns.

In order to ensure the safety of ships, the waterway, as any other way, must be constantly maintained; therefore, currently Klaipeda District Municipality Administration is buying the services of exploitation and maintenance of inland waterway Dreverna-Juodkrantė for navigation season of 2017. The duration of navigation - 154 days: from 15 May until 15 October. The inland waterway length - 7.3 km. The design dimensions of maintained waterway: depth - 1.2 m (measured from the zero value of Dreverna port measuring rod), width - 25 m.

It is tentatively planned to build 13 illuminated navigational signs at the maintained waterway in order to ensure the continuous and safe shipping during navigation season. Moreover, in order to sustain the design dimensions of waterway – its depth, and width, the works of the required extent including bed cleaning and removing of submerged obstacles will be regularly carried out. Depending on the water level and other circumstances, the places where the navigational signs are installed will be constantly monitored and, if necessary, the additional signs will be installed as well. All of them will be inspected at least once a week and, if necessary due to the wind, storm or other natural conditions, more often.

The Small Ship Port of Dreverna is not threatened with a similar fate as the Port of Šventoji

In order to ensure the continuous maritime safety, as well as the fact that the Small Ship Port of Dreverna would not be threatened with a similar fate as the Port of Šventoji, which is regularly sanded, the Small Ship Port of Dreverna have been cleaned last year and during the navigation season of 2016 there were no risks for ships to enter into the Small Ship Port of Dreverna. In 2016 waterway cleaning works that value reaches 14.8 thousand euros have been performed. The aforementioned works were performed by the VĮ Inland Waterways Authority. The depth of the channel is 1.2 m which it is the designed depth and cannot be increased due to the environmental requirements, as well as the natural bed of the channel.

Natural, intended depth of the channel is 1.2 m from zero water level. This means that in case of fluctuations in water level, the depth of the waterway is changing as well. Inasmuch as the deepening of the waterway or the entering channel is not possible, it is attempted to sustain the natural depth reaching 1.2 m during the maintenance works. It should be clarified that the Small Ship Port of Dreverna is precisely designed for navigation of small ships and rowing boats; therefore, it cannot accept large yachts.

Currently, equipping of another quay is being planned. Since last spring, UAB “Hortivita” is responsible for tending of the Small Ship Port of Dreverna, as well as the offered tourism services. The company that has won the concession tender which was called by Klaipeda District Municipality has been assigned as the operator of the port and has already invested about 340 thousand euros in the development of the territory. One of the short-term plans of the port operator is the installation of another quay, which would provide additional 40 places for small ships. It is planned that the quay installation work should begin in 2017.

Moreover, during this summer, visitors of the port will be offered with new services and entertainment, there will be an open campsite, cafeteria, visitors will be able to buy the locally smoked fish, as well as the locally made fish soup, to rent paddle boats, row boats, kayaks and canoes; moreover, the water tourism tours will be organized. As in the previous year, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays a passenger ferry Dreverna – Juodkrantė – Dreverna will run and now it will be 3 times a day.

Drive at the main road at Dreverna village until you reach the sign “Prieplauka” (quay) on the right side of the road. Then, turn to the right. Go straight, road is slightly rotating to the left, then to the right. After these turns you will reach the port of Dreverna.

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