About Strategic Planning in Klaipeda District Municipality

Klaipėda District Municipality was one of the first in Lithuania to begin applying the principles of strategic planning in its activity. The municipality approved a mid-term (8-year) strategic plan for the development of the district back in 2004. This plan was updated in 2011 to reach towards the year 2020. This plan presents the vision for the development of the district and development directs that are detailed as specific goals.

As it implements the Municipal Development Plan for 2020, the administration of the Klaipėda District Municipality prepares three-year strategic action plans that detail planned measures, funds, responsible individuals and expected outcomes.

Based on this vision, the Klaipėda District Development Plan for 2020 establishes

3 areas of strategic development:

I. The development of an educated, cultured, healthy and advanced society

II. The development of a favourable environment for business, tourism and agriculture

III. The sustainable development of the district’s territories and infrastructure

The vision for the development of Klaipėda District for 2020:

Klaipėda District is a balanced region in Western Lithuania, where economic gain does not overshadow the areas of social affairs, environmental protection and culture.

Active– the centre for active tourism and recreation in the region
Cosy– tidy public spaces, parks, well-developed network of pedestrian-bike lanes
Convenient– good transportation infrastructure, modern engineering network infrastructure that meets the district’s needs
Clean– fresh air, clean water, ecological environment
Distinct– a district with its own cultural identity, which seeks to encourage the civic, cultural and artistic self-expression of each individual
Unique– land of 4 waters, surrounded by nature, environmentally-friendly
Business-minded– a developed industrial zone near Klaipėda, ecological agriculture, high employment rates both in urban and rural areas
Open to partnership– well-developed partnership and cooperation between the public and private sectors
Educated– offers the right conditions for educating children and young people, developing public education
Friendly– a place where helpful, friendly and community-minded people live

Contact: Mindaugas Šatkus, Senior Specialist at the Strategic Planning and Investment Department. Tel.: +370 46452062, email: [email protected]

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