Participation in international organisations

Union of the Baltic Cities

The town of Gargždai has been a member of the Union of the Baltic Cities since 2007. The Union of the Baltic Cities was founded in 1991 and currently unites 107 cities in the region of the Baltic Sea. The purpose of this union is to strengthen cooperation between countries in the Baltic region, encourage the exchange of experience, represent city interests and actively participate in the development process of a democratic, social, economic and sustainable Baltic Sea Region. At present, the union has 7 commissions that cover the areas of culture, healthcare, urban planning, security, smart city, sustainable development and youth affairs. The Municipality of Klaipėda District is actively involved in the activity of the Cultural Cities and Youthful Cities commissions.

The representative of the Klaipėda District Municipality responsible for communication is the head of the Strategic Planning and Investment Department, Raimonda Kučinskaitė (tel.: +370 46452062, email: [email protected].

For more information visit the official website:

Euroregion Baltic

As a member of Euroregion Baltic, which unites the municipalities of the Klaipėda Region, the Klaipėda District Municipality actively participates in its activities (acting member of the Klaipėdos regionas Association).

Euroregion Baltic was founded in 1998, in order to promote cooperation between national regions in the south-eastern area of the Baltic Sea region (Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden).

For more information visit the official website:

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