Director of Administration Artūras Bogdanovas

Cabinet 201
Phone: (8 46)  45 25 45; 8 617 61 936 
Email [email protected]


Born in 1983 April 8, in Klaipeda.

Permanent place of residence – Klaipėda.

In 1989–1993 studied at Klaipėda „Gedminų“ basic school.

In 1993–2001 studied at Klaipėda „Vėtrungė“ gymnasium.

In 2001–2005 studied real estate management at Vilnius Gediminas technical university. Bachelor of science in management and business administration was gained.

In 2005–2007 studied geodesy and cartography at Vilnius Gediminas technical university. Obtained a master’s degree in measurement engineering.

Work experience:

In 2006–2007 worked as a geodesist engineer in the Klaipeda branch of company „Matininkai“.

From 2007 to 2010 worked as a geodesist engineer and Head of cadastre department at company „Aidila“.

Between 2010 and 2016 was a director of „Geosmart“ company.

In 2016–2018 worked as vice-minister of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania.

From 2019 – director of Klaipėda district municipality administration.

Does not belong to any political party.

Wife – Renata, children – Gabrielius, Mantas, Gustė, Ela.

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